Retention Schedules, Forms, Standards, Guidance and FAQs

Guidance and FAQs

Retention Schedules

Schedules are for all “Public Bodies” in the State of Arizona. These include General Schedules and Custom Schedules.

Archives and Records Management Forms and Approvals

PDFs of transfer forms, disposition and destruction forms, and imaging and microfilming forms.

Guidance, Standards and Statutes

Guidance on: permanent and historical records; Arizona Revised Statues applying to Archives and Records Management; storage and handling of material; minimum standards for digital imaging; scanning of photographs; “Born Digital” photographs; Arizona standards for permanent records; a certificate of compliance for microfilm; as well as our Records Officer Handbook.

FAQs-General Records Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for general Records Management.

FAQs-Fire Districts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Fire Districts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from the Human Relations/Personnel Retention Schedule.

FAQs-School Districts and Charter Schools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for School Districts and Charter Schools.