Loan Policies and Procedures

Loan periods

  • Books: 30 days
  • Magazines: 14 days
  • Descriptive videos: 14 days
  • Playback equipment: Extended for as long as the borrower is using the Library service.

Borrower accepts responsibility for using Library materials with reasonable care.

Borrowed items are non-transferable. Borrowers may not loan Library books, magazines, videos, or equipment to anyone else regardless of their program eligibility.


Renewal may be granted by your Library and Reader Advisor if there are no outstanding requests for the item.

Checkout limit

To be determined by the borrower’s Reader Advisor. Service usually begins with two items and is increased as needed for borrowers in good standing.

Once a borrower reaches the maximum number of books, a replacement book will be sent automatically as each book is returned. Contact your Reader Advisor if you want to receive books only when requested.

Returning borrowed materials

All items being returned to the Library must be delivered into the hands of the U.S. Postal Service. They may be placed in an official USPS mailbox or delivered to a Post Office. Placing items on the doorstep of a home for the mail carrier to pick up is not sufficient. Borrower is responsible for lost or damaged items resulting from this practice.

Overdue fines

None; however, borrowers are encouraged to observe the loan period so books will be available for other readers. Excessive numbers of overdue Library materials may result in suspension of service.

Playback equipment

If a machine requires repair, the borrower should contact the library to request a replacement. Under no circumstances should a borrower attempt to repair the playback equipment or accessories. Borrower will keep the shipping box and enclosed styrofoam for return of equipment.

Change of address or status

Borrower will notify the library of:

  • Change of address.
  • Desire to cancel service.
  • Temporary or permanent transfer of service to another geographic area.

Suspension of Service

In cases of repeated verbal abuse of library staff or physical abuse of books, magazines, videos, or equipment, service to that borrower may be suspended by the library.

Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to:

  • Verbal attacks and offensive or threatening behavior toward Library staff.
  • Excessive numbers of overdue Library materials.
  • Repeated loss or damage of Library materials.
  • Repeated requests for replacement of equipment and accessories that have been damaged by negligence, maliciousness, or unauthorized repair.

Borrowers who violate Library policies will be given a written warning and an opportunity to reply. Repeated violations may result in the suspension of the borrower’s service. Service can be reinstated, but it may be suspended again if abuse continues.