State Library of Arizona Policies


Some collections (such as Law) are in open stacks. Others (such as Arizona state agency and federal agency publications) are in closed stacks and must be requested at the information desk in Suite 300. Staff can assist you in identifying locations of materials you need.


For Arizona legislators, government officials or staff

Call for an immediate response:

  1. Tell us what you are looking for.
  2. Identify yourself and your affiliation (House, Senate, State agency, ...).
  3. Tell us how fast you need the material or information.  "ASAP" is too vague - please let us know if you need it in minutes, hours or days.
  4. Identify the best way to contact you.
  5. Tell us in what format you prefer your results - paper, electronic, fax, by telephone or in person.

Email for a response in 24+ hours:

For the public (attorneys, students, etc.)

  • Contact us with inquiries by telephone, mail, email and in person during business hours
  • Limit your questions to brief, informational questions related to the Library’s collections. Research for an individual is limited to thirty minutes.
  • Library staff cannot conduct extensive research, provide responses that require interpretation of the law, locate missing people, or provide criss-cross directory service.


Agency staff will make every reasonable effort to respond to requests for research information as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Staff will not perform open-ended research for patrons that would require them to interpret records. This includes legal, land title and ownership, or in-depth historical research.

State Agencies Providing Publications

Please call for mailing address and/or email address for electronic publications.


  • Most materials from the collections do not circulate. They are available for in-library use by all citizens of Arizona.
  • Some materials may be borrowed by Legislators, state agency employees and members of the State Bar.
  • Members of the public may request materials which circulate though the interlibrary loan service at their local libraries. Contact us to find out which materials circulate.

Photocopying and Computer Printing

Coin operated photocopiers, microform reader-printer and computer printers are available for use in the public areas.  Self-serve photocopies are 10¢ per page.  

Scans or photocopies can be made by staff at the following rate:

  • 1-10 copies, $0.10 cents per copy
  • 11-50 copies, $0.25 per copy
  • 51-100 copies, $0.50 per copy
  • 101+ copies, $1.00 per copy

Interlibrary Loan

The staff of the State Library of Arizona will assist Arizona Legislators and legislative staff, Arizona state agency employees and regular genealogy clients with the location and loan of materials from libraries around the country.  Also, materials that circulate from Library and Archives' collections are loaned to requesting libraries or sent in electronic format via email.

Resources that are not available in the Library and Archives' collections may be requested through Interlibrary Loan by:

  • Members of the Arizona State Legislature
  • Members of legislative staff and staff of Arizona state government agencies

As a member of OCLC (symbol: AZP), our lending policies are listed in the ILL Policies Directory. Interlibrary Loan requests may be submitted by OCLC or ALA request and submitted by mail, fax or scanning into email. See Contact Information below.

Some of the library collections may circulate and others do not, depending on the collection and age or condition of the material. Films from the History and Archives' Arizona Newspapers on Microfilm Collection may (with some exceptions) be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

For microfilm loans to other libraries, there is a two-reel limit, per patron. Additional reels may be ordered after borrowed reels have been returned and received back. All reels must be returned in a box.

Generally, there is no fee for obtaining an item through interlibrary loan except return postage. If a fee is required to borrow an item, the State Library will secure your permission before confirming the request.

Members of the public may submit requests for loans or copies of items from our collection through their local public library. Libraries may submit requests via OCLC or an ALA form mailed or faxed to 602-256-7984, or email.


Tours of the State Library of Arizona are available by appointment.  Request a tour.