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The State of Arizona Research Library has moved to the Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History Building

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is “State of Arizona Research Library” a new branch of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records?

Not exactly.   It’s two existing branches that have been consolidated.  The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records has merged the State Library of Arizona and Digital Arizona Library branches in to the State of Arizona Research Library.  The name “’Digital Arizona Library” will now be used to refer to our online library accessible through our website.

How does this change affect State Library users?

The Reading Room Capitol has been relocated.   Starting Monday, July 3 at 8:00 a.m., researchers needing materials from our physical collections need to come to the Reading Room at the Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History building, 1901 West Madison.  Materials from the collections of both the Research Library and the State Archives are available for use there.  Computers are also available for online research.   There is plenty of parking in front of the Rosenbaum building, which has an elevator to the second floor Reading Room and is handicap- accessible.  

Will services be interrupted by the move?

Online material use will not be affected.  Library services continue to function with as few changes as possible.   A little extra time will be needed to retrieve certain physical legal resources, federal documents, and state publications while they are in the process of being moved from the Capitol.  Users may expect to come to the Reading Room during normal business hours to use specifically requested materials within 2 business days of the request.

Will I need to make an appointment to visit the Rosenbaum Reading Room?

An appointment is not required, but if you call or email ahead of visiting, it will ensure that materials are ready when you arrive.   Please also bring photo identification for signing in with Security as you enter the Rosenbaum building.

I’ve heard the Library is going online.  What physical materials will I be able to access?

In keeping with our mission of “Providing Access, Preserving Arizona”, we are working to ensure that as many of our resources as possible are available online while preserving unique materials in physical format.  Like many law libraries across the nation, we are reducing the print collection and making more legal materials available online.  Accessible in print and/or microform  at the Rosenbaum Reading Room will be:

What will happen to the Reading Room at the Capitol?

It is anticipated that a little over a year will be required to move the entire Research Library collection of over one million items that includes law materials, state publications, federal documents, and Patent and Trademark Center resources.  Once those materials have been relocated, the former Reading Room will reopen as an Arizona Capitol Museum exhibit space, along with the adjoining Marguerite B. Cooley Room.  The first exhibit in the former Reading Room will highlight the history of the State Library.  

Are other changes planned?

Yes.  Our vision is to bring all Library Services branches together in close proximity in 5-7 years.  We plan to repurpose space in the Records Building, 1919 West Jefferson Street, so that all Library Services collections, services, and staff will be located in the Rosenbaum and Records buildings.  The changes will bring greater accessibility for customers, firmly positioning the State Library for serving Arizonans and Arizona libraries currently and in  the future. 

Who can answer questions about the relocation?

Questions are welcome and may be emailed to State Librarian Holly Henley or Department of State Director of Communications Matt Roberts



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