Get Involved Collaborative

Get Involved Collaborative: A Multi-State Approach to Increasing Volunteer Engagement


Arizona public libraries are encouraged to take advantage of a great opportunity made available through a Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program award from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The purpose of the Get Involved Collaborative project is to increase the use of skilled volunteers in public libraries. The project uses a scalable matrix collaboratively developed with an IMLS Planning Grant to replicate the California State Library's successful Get Involved: Powered by Your Library initiative. The project will run from Nov. 1, 2016 - Oct. 31, 2019.

Library Volunteer Program Improvement Model

This survey-based model was developed to help libraries assess their volunteer program's current capacity level according to best practices in volunteer program management. It is meant to help strengthen program effectiveness by identifying areas where the program achieves best practices, as well as areas for improvement.

Resources and strategies to help you take your next steps in program development are provided with the report each library receives via e-mail based on their results.

The tool assesses capacity and functioning in these 4 major Component areas:

  1. Strategy
  2. Management Support and Staff Buy-In
  3. Program Infrastructure and Volunteer Lifecycle
  4. Community Outreach

For each component area, there is a series of Indicators for you to select that best describe your program. There are five "Performance Levels" measured for each component area – from "Ad Hoc," a program that has a few best practices in place, to the highest, or "Optimized" level.

Another great feature is that the tool compares your program anonymously to all libraries who have taken the survey, and then compares again just to libraries of your size that have taken it – just so you can see where you stand.

The Library Volunteer Program Improvement Model -

Just take the "survey" using information about your library's volunteer program. You'll get an e-mail with the results in it, as well as suggested resources to assist you based on your assessment. In a few months, or a year, you can take it again to see your improvement.

What is the Get Involved Widget All About?

What is the widget? - The widget is a box you can put on your website to encourage your library patrons to volunteer with your library or to get involved with other community organizations. It is a simple way to help your library serve as a resource in the community!

Serve as a community “hub”. The widget is a great way to help your patrons get involved in the community. It will drive them to volunteer at your library, but also at other organizations in their community, making your library the vehicle that connects volunteers into the community. What an easy way to provide a great service!

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Get Involved Resource Clearinghouse

Learn from your public library colleagues who are creating effective volunteer engagement strategies, tools and practices that will keep you from re-inventing the wheel! Search the database of Get Involved resources and enhance your success in volunteer engagement.

Resources include:

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Every library outlet/branch can request a free Premium VolunteerMatch subscription

To assist public libraries in recruiting and engaging high-skilled, high-impact volunteers, “The Get Involved Collaborative” will fund premium Volunteer Match subscriptions for all Arizona libraries. During the first week in February, VolunteerMatch sent out account invitation emails to Library Directors or their designees. Step by step instructions were included in that email and support is available to assist. If you did not receive an email invite and would like to set up your account, please contact VolunteerMatch at [email protected] or Donna.

As a reminder, our VolunteerMatch partnership includes:

  1. A BRANDED WEBPAGE – see below for more information about the Get Involved Hub

1. A BRANDED WEBPAGE (Get Involved Hub) is ready to promote Arizona libraries as centers for civic engagement and great places to volunteer. Your library’s’ website will be able to link to it using the website widget. Potential volunteers will be able to find this page either from the state library’s website or directly from your library website. When they enter their zip code, the page will automatically highlight both library and literacy volunteer opportunities by showcasing them in highlighted boxes. Other non-library volunteer opportunities in that zip code will appear in a separate box on the page.

2. FREE UPGRADED MEMBERSHIP IN VOLUNTEERMATCH AT THE “COMMUNITY LEADER” LEVEL for Arizona libraries for three years of the initiative. The tools provided in this upgraded membership will enhance your ability to recruit volunteers, increase visibility of the volunteer opportunities you list on VolunteerMatch, and expand your ability to build stronger relationships with volunteers.

3. CUSTOMIZED TRAINING AND SUPPORT is being developed to assist libraries to get the full benefit from these tools.

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If you have any questions or for more information please contact Donna Throckmorton or Kim French.

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As part of a four state collaborative including California, Idaho, and Texas, Arizona is the recipient of the FY2016 Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program award for the project "The Get Involved Collaborative: A Multi-State Approach to Increasing Volunteer Engagement." This project is supported by the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State, with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services RE-40-16-0114-16..