State Grants-in-Aid (SGIA)

What is SGIA?

In 1981, the Arizona legislature developed State Grants-in-Aid (SGIA) to help Arizona libraries meet the information needs of Arizona residents. SGIA provides limited construction funding to public libraries, and annual awards to county library districts and to cities with populations of 100,000 or more.

Who Qualifies?

In order to qualify for SGIA, libraries must:

  • Be organized as a governmental unit or a non-profit organization.
  • Agree to the Arizona State Library Resource Access and Attainment Policy.
  • Provide library services free of charge to all residents within the library area.
  • Be open to the public on a regular basis with regular, posted hours.
  • Be in good standing with the State Library by submitting library statistics and all other reports in a complete, accurate and timely manner.
  • Adhere to any requirements specified in the Arizona Revised Statutes, including but not limited to ARS 9-411 through 9-420 (Cities and Towns/Public Libraries); ARS 11-901 through 11-914 (Counties/Public Libraries); and ARS 34-502 (Computer Access/Harmful to Minors).

How Can Funds Be Used?

  • State funds will be used for library services county or citywide. Funds will not be used for indirect or administrative costs.
  • County/city will expend no less than the amount of state grants-in-aid awarded in the same fiscal year for county/citywide library services. SGIA requires a dollar-for-dollar cash match. State money may not be substituted for local match.
  • The recipient agrees to submit a final report, which includes a narrative, budget and certification.

Construction Grants (SGIA-C)

Public libraries meeting the qualifications outlined on this page may apply for construction funds. Typically, the application period for construction grants is between August 1 and September 30. Please review the guidelines below for instructions. To start the application process, complete the online Intent to Apply Form.