Women's Suffrage

Women's Suffrage

At the end of the 19th century, women in Arizona began to fight for the equal suffrage, or the right to vote. Josephine Hughes, Frances Munds, Pauline O'Neill, Laura Clay, and Laura Gregg Cannon were among the women that banded together to fight for women’s right to vote. On November 5, 1912, Arizona’s men finally voted to in favor of equal suffrage, opening the door for women to vote and hold public office in Arizona.

Read About It

Use the document analysis sheet and the photograph analysis sheet to uncover clues about the people that created the documents. 

Understand It

  1. When did the fight for women's suffrage begin in Arizona? When did it end?
  2. Who fought for and against women’s suffrage?
  3. How did women work for suffrage?
  4. Where in Arizona did women work to achieve suffrage?
  5. Why did women want the right to vote and hold public office?

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