Mid-Century Growth

Mid-Century Growth

In the 1950s, Arizona's population grew rapidly—too rapidly for the State’s infrastructure to keep up. Roads, medical facilities, and the educational system all suffered, incapable of handling the sudden population boom. Concerned citizens were vocal in identifying problems, and sometimes offered solutions, too. The State government threw itself into transforming Arizona, and by the end of the century, the results of their efforts showed.

Read About It

Use the document analysis sheet and the photograph analysis sheet to uncover clues about the people that created the documents. 

Understand It

  1. How much did Arizona grow from 1950 to 1960?
  2. What did Governor Pyle see as the challenges facing AZ as a result of its growth? What challenges did Governor McFarland see?
  3. Who created the documents linked above? What impact did Arizona’s growth have on them? Does this affect their writing?
  4. If you had lived in Arizona in the 1950s, how would you have helped Arizona meet the needs of its growing population, and why?

Explore More

Visit the websites below to learn more. Based on this new information, have your answers to the questions above changed?

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