Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Caynon Dam

The Glen Canyon Dam was constructed on the Colorado River from 1956-1964 as one of four dams in the United States Bureau of Reclamation’s Colorado River Storage Project. Built to generate power and store water from the Colorado River in Lake Mead, the dam elicited a mixed response from people at the time it was constructed and continues to do so today.

Read About It

Use the document analysis sheet and the photograph analysis sheet to uncover clues about the people that created the documents. 

Understand It

  1. When was the Glen Canyon Dam built? Why was it built?
  2. What is Governor Goddard’s perspective on Glen Canyon Dam? Does he mention any negative aspects of building the dam? Can you think of any negative effects of damming the Colorado River and filling Glen Canyon?
  3. Compare the reasons for building Hoover Dam and the issues surrounding its creation with the building of Glen Canyon Dam and the issues surrounding its creation. How are the two similar? How are they different?

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Visit the websites below to learn more. Based on this new information, have your answers to the questions above changed?

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