Providing Access … Preserving Arizona: one e-book at a time

The State of Arizona Research Library's Arizona Collection houses thousands of rare and unique books about the history of our state.  Some of these books were published long before Arizona was even a territory, and over the years they have become very fragile. We take our mission to provide access and preserve Arizona very seriously, but finding a balance between the two is sometimes difficult. Enter digitization!

For the past few months, our special collections librarian has been tracking down digitized copies of our oldest and rarest books in order to add them to the Reading Arizona e-book collection. This month, we added 112 of these titles, all of which were all published between 1800-1912.

We can’t list all of them here, but below are a few examples!  

Thirty Years on the Frontier

Thirty years on the frontier (1906)

Flute of the gods

The Flute of the Gods (1898)

White devil of the verde

White Devil of Verde (1898)

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