Historic Arizona Newspapers in Languages Other than English and Spanish

It’s no surprise that we have many historic and current Spanish titles in the Arizona State Library & Archives’ newspaper collection, but did you know that it also contains historic newspapers printed in several other languages as well?  These Chinese, German, Italian, and Navajo language papers offer a glimpse into the great linguistic diversity of Arizona as well as contribute to a broader understanding of the histories and cultures in the state.

Diné bizaad (Navajo) is the most widely spoken indigenous language in Arizona and in the United States. The Arizona Historic Newspaper collection houses a selection of Ádahooníłígíí (1943-1957) issues, one of two regularly circulating newspapers in the United States published in a Native North American language.  The paper covers events in Navajo Nation and tribal matters in the federal government.

The collection also provides invaluable primary resources for researching Arizona history, such as the Poston Chronicle (1942-1945), the main newspaper of the Poston War Relocation Center during WWII. The Chronicle includes a Japanese language edition with each issue and discusses events around the camp and in Washington.

Other titles represent the linguistic heritage of the state, such as La Tribuna Italiana (1960-1970 ca.) a paper serving the Italian-American community of the Phoenix metro area. While the majority of articles are written in English, each issue includes at least one Italian section, sometimes with articles in both English and Italian printed on the same page.

Currently, DAZL does not have any digitized copies of newspapers in languages other than English or Spanish, although we hope to digitize them in the future. Physical copies of these and other papers such as the Arizona Chinese Times, the Arizona Chinese News, and Phoenix Valley Käseblättchen are available to researchers visiting the Polly Rosenbaum State History and Archives building.