Arizona's Historic Railroad Towns - Story Map

The Digital Arizona Library (DAZL) is excited to launch its first Arizona Maps Online project, Arizona’s Historic Railroad Towns.

This interactive map lets you explore archival maps and historical photos of railroad stations throughout Arizona. The maps date between 1905-1918, and depict stations from dozens of locations, including Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Bisbee, Globe, Nogales, and Yuma. You can also project the maps over modern satellite imagery so you can see what the stations looked like then, and what the same location looks like today. This is possible because of a process called “georeferencing.”

This satellite comparison to a 1915 map of Globe, for example, shows how a former railroad station is just a dirt field today, with little evidence of its former importance. The bed of the creek and some of the surrounding roads, however, are still intact. This is a particularly great resource for land use historians, and railroad enthusiasts. 

Railway map image

Please enjoy Arizona’s Historic Railroad Towns, and look for new map projects like it in the future.

This project was made possible with funding from the Library Services Technology Act.