New Exhibits

Come see the newest exhibits at the #AZCM:

  • Ernest McFarland: Father of the G.I. Bill, located on the first floor
  • Under the Copper Dome, highlighting the Historic Capitol Building itself, located on the fourth floor
  • State Symbols has a shiny addition: Arizona's official state metal, copper. 



Exhibit Highlights


USS Arizona: Flagship of the Fleet

The USS Arizona, named in honor of the 48th addition to the Union, is a symbol of the state. In addition to the memorial at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, the battleship’s silver service and other artifacts are on display in the museum. The USS Arizona was sunk during the invasion of Pearl Harbor and represents a turning point for the nation, prompting the US to enter World War II. 

Spotlight: Piece of the USS Arizona superstructure, recovered in 1942.


Arizona: Defense to Development

World War II had a large impact on Arizona, growing the state’s population and economy. Learn more about Arizona’s connection to the war through its veterans, military bases, and defense companies. 

Spotlight: Arizona’s only publicly available interactive touch table showcases the memorials and monuments at the Capitol.





Your Vote, Your Voice

Learn the history of voting in Arizona while preparing for the next election. Featuring cutting edge technology, interactivity, and information on Arizona politics, this election center is the place to be before and after Election Day.

Spotlight: Find your voting district and elected officials on the interactive touch table. You can also fill out a voter registration form. 




Arizona Takes Shape

The United States government created the Territory of Arizona on February 24, 1863. Follow the journey from westward expansion through statehood to see how Arizona evolved.

Spotlight: The Rough Rider flag Arizonans carried during the Spanish-American War, 1898.





Governor’s Office

The governor conducts executive business with the officers of the government, executes the laws, and communicates with the legislative branch. This office was used by the Arizona governor until 1974, and has been reconstructed to appear as it did during the first year of statehood.

Spotlight: Wax statue of Arizona's first Governor George W. P. Hunt, created by Madame Tussauds in London. 




Historic House Chamber

See what government in action looked like during early statehood. The chamber has been restored to look as it did during the Arizona Constitutional Convention in 1910.