Archives and Records Management Policies

Polly Rosenbaum Archives and History Building

  • For your first visit to the State Archives you must bring a valid government issued id that includes a photograph. You will be asked to fill out a researcher application. You will then be issued an archives researcher id card.
  • After your first visit you will need to bring your researcher id card when you visit the archives.
  • There is a reference archivist on staff to assist you in your research. Archives staff will make every reasonable effort to respond to requests for research information as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Staff does not perform open-ended research for patrons that would require them to interpret the records.
  • Researchers may not smoke, eat or drink in the Reading Room.
  • Cell phones must be set to vibrate.
  • Coats, briefcases, binders and other personal items will be stored in the provided lockers.
  • Scanners are prohibited.
  • Pencils and laptops are allowed, pens are prohibited.
  • No requests for documents will be accepted a half an hour before closing time.
  • Prior arrangements are required for the use of special material such as unprocessed paper records, video cassettes and sound recordings.
  • U.S. copyright laws are enforced.
  • Material must be handled carefully, if in the opinion of the reference archivist the material must be handled in a special manner, patrons will abide by the Reference Archivist’s decisions.
  • Staff makes all copies.

Records Management Center

The Records Management Center is not open to the public.

If you are a state or local government or agency with records stored at the Records Management Center, or if you want more information on the costs, policies and procedures for storing records at the Records Management Center please contact the Records Management Center. If you are working with Records Management Center staff on a scanning or microfilm project; or if you are interested in learning more about the costs, policies and procedures for scanning or microfilming please contact the Records Management Center.