Forms and Approvals

Archives (Permanent Records Transfers to State Archives)

  • Agreement to Transfer Records: Use this form when transferring permanent legal custody of records from creating office to Arizona State Archives
  • Preparing Boxes for Transfer: Instructions for preparing your boxes for transfer to the Arizona State Archives
  • Special Instructions: Use this form in addition to the Agreement to Transfer Records for records on non-standard paper or records on other media

Courts Only

Disposition and Destruction

  • Certificate of Records Destruction PDF Excel
  • Notice of Destruction Prior to Records Disposition PDF Excel
  • Pre-approval for Unscheduled Records Disposition PDF Excel
  • Transfer of Records Between Public Bodies PDF Excel

Essential Records Listings

Imaging - Blanket Approvals

  • All Public Bodies: PDF  Excel - Allows for the scanning of checks and supporting documentation for Banking Records ("Check 21" Act), Campaign Finance information, Notice of Public Meeting Records, and Notice of Public Posting Locations
  • Municipalities Meeting Minutes: Allows for the scanning of Meeting Minutes for web dissemination per ARS 38-431.01
  • eCivis Grants Records (State Agencies, Boards and Commissions): Allows for the scanning of Historic Register Records, Grant and Incentive Records for Historic Property Owners; Grant Records, Administration and Financial Records; Grant Records, Historically Significant Program Records; and Grant Records, Unsuccessful Grant Application Records.

Imaging and Microfilming - Forms

  • Request for Document Imaging of Public Records PDF Excel
  • Request for Document Imaging Attachment: Record Series to be Imaged PDF Excel 
  • Request for Microfilming of Permanent Public Records PDF Excel


If you used Lin-Cum in the past for microfilming services you do not have to complete a Certificate of Compliance if you now plan on sending your records to the Arizona State Archives and Records Management Branch. This form is used only when vendors will be performing microfilming services and that they are certifying they meet or exceed the state's microfilming requirements. If you are not aware of Lin-Cum's closure and need microfilming services, please contact:

Richard Carroll, Preservation Imaging Manager
Arizona State Archives and Records Management Branch
P: 602-926-3818
F: 602-926-2838
However, if you will be using a vendor to perform these services, you will need to complete this form as you did in the past and submit by mail to: Arizona State Archives and Records Management Division, 1919 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85009. Your Request for Microfilming MUST BE APPROVED FIRST and a MCN# (Microfilm Control Number) issued before you choose a vendor. This MCN# must be provided to the vendor and they must record it on the Certificate of Compliance Form they complete with additional required information. If any information is missing, the form will be returned to the agency. Thank you for your understanding during this transition.

Preservation Imaging Services

Records Officer

  • Notice of Agency Records Officer PDF Excel