Boards and Commissions

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Advisory Board of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

Authorized by §41-151.02
Advises the Secretary of State in the supervision of the State Library.
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Arizona Board of Library Examiners

Authorized by ARS §11-906
Passes upon the qualifications of persons desiring to become county librarians.
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Arizona County Librarians

Authorized by ARS §11-910
All county free libraries are under the general supervision of the State Librarian/Director of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records.
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Arizona Historical Advisory Commission

Authorized by ARS §41-151.20
On February 14, 2005, Statehood Day, Governor Janet Napolitano signed into law Chapter One, Senate Bill 1065, extending the Commission’s duties to develop and coordinate a statewide plan regarding the state’s centennial, which occurs in 2012.
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Arizona Historical Records Advisory Board

Authorized by ARS §41-151.23
Under the National Archives Program for Grants to the States Records Commission on state historical records priorities, services as the central advisory body for historical records planning and for projects developed and carried out with the state. The Agency Director serves as State Coordinator as appointed by the Governor.
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Arizona State Board on Geographic and Historic Names

Authorized by ARS §41-835.02
Receives and evaluates proposals to name or rename geographic features in the State of Arizona. It designates the most appropriate and acceptable names and the spelling of these names for use in maps and official government documents.
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