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The State Library of Arizona serves the informational needs of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state government in addition to the general public. The State Library of Arizona also provides important and essential resource sharing services to Arizona libraries.

Current and Upcoming Events

Feb 04 2015 12:30 pm - 02:00 pm
State Library of Arizona 3rd Floor Training Area
Mar 05 2015 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm
State Library of Arizona 3rd Floor Training Area

Government Information

  • Arizona State Agency Publications
  • Federal Agency Publications and Information
  • Arizona Memory Project

Legal Resources

  • Current and historical collections of Arizona's legislative bills, journals, session laws, statutes, codes, judicial rules and Attorney General opinions
  • Current and historical federal laws, regulations and agency decisions
  • Online commercial collections of legal information (available in the library)
  • Patent and Trademark Resource Center
  • Statutes and decisions from all states of the United States

Genealogy and Family History


  • Online commercial genealogical information (available in the library)
  • Largest book and periodical collection in Arizona
  • Current Arizona newspapers


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state library of arizona virtual reference desk linkVisit the Virtual Reference Desk for frequently asked questions and information from our librarians.

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