Retention Schedules

Litigation Holds

DRAM Litigation Preservation Directive March 23, 2007 - Legal hold on the destruction of specific records found in all State Agencies and all Political Subdivisions.

General Retention Schedules

Any record series listed as permanent on a general retention schedule or that has been designated as historically significant should be transferred to the State Archives when the agency or political subdivision no longer wishes to maintain those records. You can reach the State Archives at 602-926-3720 or 800-228-4710 to discuss the transfer of the records.

Permanent and Historical Records

General Schedules supersede all existing custom schedules with the following exception: the custom schedule retention period is longer than the general schedule retention period.


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(Counties, Education: K-12, Fire Districts, Higher Education, Municipalities, Special Districts and State Agencies, Boards and Commissions)

State Agency Retention Schedules

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Court Retention Schedules

Court of Appeals
Limited Jurisdiction Courts
Superior Court
Supreme Court Clerk
Supreme Court Staff Attorneys